Loop Mode

Tap this button to enable Loop Mode. In Score View, repeat signs will appear around the current measure. Press and hold on the desired location in the score to move the Loop Start or Loop End.


Tempo Control

Tap this button at any time to bring up a pop-up tempo slider and freely adjust the speed.


Follow Mode

(MIDI keyboard required)
Tap this button to toggle between the three Follow Modes: Wait for Note, Normal Play-Along, and Follow Me.

  • In Wait for Note mode, Piano Adventures® Player pauses until you play the correct notes.
  • In Normal Play-Along mode, the tempo is fixed. Feel the steady beat and “keep on going!”
  • In Follow Me mode, the player will intelligently adjust speed when you accelerate or ritard.


Play Recording

(MIDI keyboard required)
When you have a MIDI keyboard connected, Piano Adventures® Player is always listening. Tap this button to listen back to your most recent performance. In Keyboard View, notes you missed or didn’t play will light up in orange, and notes that you played correctly will light up in green.