For Acoustic Pianos

Piano Adventures® Player works great as a jukebox to accompany any acoustic piano. The player features a high-quality sampled soundset. Enjoy the full definition by connecting to a good sound system using an auxiliary cable from the headset jack. Wireless connections over Bluetooth Audio are also possible, but you may experience an audible delay. You can get good sound from relatively compact systems such as the Bose Soundlink III or the UE Boom.


For Digital Pianos and MIDI Keyboards

You can unlock enhanced play-along and recording functionality with a MIDI keyboard. Answer a few questions below to find out what you need to get connected.


iPhone or iPad with Lightning Connector


If your keyboard has a USB to Host port,


You will need two things:


Once everything is connected, check the Settings screen and make sure your keyboard is selected as the MIDI Input.


If your keyboard has traditional MIDI ports,


You will need one thing:


Plug the iConnect into the Lightning port of your iPhone or iPad.
Connect the MIDI IN cable of the iConnect to the MIDI OUT port of your digital keyboard.
Connect the MIDI OUT cable of the iConnect to the MIDI IN port of your digital keyboard.
Then check the Settings screen in the Piano Adventures Player app and make sure your keyboard is selected as the MIDI Input.


Bluetooth Wireless MIDI

Piano Adventures® Player can connect wirelessly to keyboards with Bluetooth MIDI built-in like the Roland LX-17 and Roland HP605. To manage, simply tap on Bluetooth MIDI Devices from the Settings menu.


Yamaha also makes adapters to enable wireless Bluetooth MIDI connections with keyboards with MIDI ports or keyboards with USB ports.