Teaching with Sightreading Coach

  1. The service is free for teachers! Create your free teacher account.
  2. To invite your students, click on the Student area of the app and click Add a Student. When you enter the student’s email address (or parent’s email if the student is under 18), an invitation will be sent to them.
  3. Once you have added students you then have the ability to assign pieces, they can practice and record their attempts to be submitted back to you, you will see their score, be able to listen to their recording, see where mistakes may have been made, and provide feedback directly to the student.


Tutorial Videos

Video: Teachers: First Steps

In this video, walk through the first steps for teachers using the Piano Adventures Sightreading Coach: how to create an account, add students, and send assignments.



Video: Teachers: Review Assignments

Teachers, here’s how to review recordings that your students have submitted, return comments, and mark them complete.