Student Link lets you send video assignments in the Faber Technique & Artistry libraries (including Creative Improv) for at-home practice support. To access, sign in to Technique & Artistry with your Atlas email and password. Then use the Menu to visit the Student Link page.

Since many of us are teaching children, the student accounts are based on usernames instead of email addresses. You provide the student (or their parent) with the username and password directly, either during the lesson, or afterward via email, text message, etc. Similarly, tell them directly when an assignment is ready to view (since there is not an automatic notification contact).

To make an assignment, go to the student’s card on the Student Link page. Click New Assignment. Give your assignment a title (for example “Lesson 4/14”) and add as many videos to it as you want. As you type in the “Search for assignables” box, matching videos will appear in the dropdown to select.

Your students can go to the homepage of and click the Sign In button, or they can go straight to

The student’s dashboard looks a bit different, and only includes items that you have assigned to them.

When a student watches a video included in their assignment, you will see a checkmark appear next to video in your assignment list. When all video have been watched, the entire assignment will be marked as “completed”.

You may wish to make a demo student account of your own, and log in to see what the experience is like from the student’s perspective!